Learn more about who Karl is and why he'd be a great fit for you or your organization

Who Is Karl?

Hi, my name is Karl D. Anderson. I am a long-term professional with experience in financial and non-profit businesses.

I believe that living, leading and serving with purpose, empathy, and a long-term focus, will leads to both personal and organizational success and satisfaction.

I am dedicated to helping your organization thrive, or with individuals, to help when facing key financial questions or challenges.  

My experiences include many leadership roles within financial services and non-profit organizations, and with individuals and couples facing important financial decisions.  

I can help organizations with actuarial services, and will bring a focus on the customer (while meeting the needs of the organization).

I can help non-profits with mission, vision, values and strategy work, and will help keep an eye on all stakeholders’ needs.

But my passion is supporting individuals and couples when dealing with tough financial questions in their lives. I will not sell anything other than a helpful conversation. I’m not in this for a commission or ongoing fee for managing money.

I’m in this for the short-term benefit of bringing comfort and confidence in your next financial steps.


It has always been easy to approach and contact Karl. This will continue to be the case through this website.


Karl has been described as “intense and easy-going”. The intensity comes with the passion for his work; the easy-going nature helps him communicate with his customers.


Karl puts complicated concepts into words everyone can understand.


Karl has been fortunate to have roles with financial services and non-profit organizations that have allowed him unique insights into the challenges his customers face.

So, he’s in an ideal position to work with financial services organizations, non-profits, or individuals who have important questions about financial services.

All work contracts are set up so you can terminate them at any time, and communications and transactions will become increasingly easy over time.

Most conversations will occur virtually, saving you time and money.

Convenient Hourly Fee

No Confusing or Hidden Commissions

No Long-term Fees

Transparent & Confidential


Contracts that simply and clearly state the terms of the work will be used to protect both of us.

I am an actuary and certified divorce financial analyst. But know that, while I’ve had investment related licenses in the past, I am not currently licensed to provide “investment advice”, and I won’t cross that line.

Similarly, I will not provide legal advice.

If investment or legal advice is what is needed, I will help you realize why that’s the case, and help you consider how to do that.